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Presented from Issue 111, August 2014
With the opening of the trout season on us it’s time to review the good old trout diary and look back at what has worked and where with the new season in mind. I know each season is different however most of us will be suffering the cabin type fever associated with our winter closure and itching to get back into it.

I have reviewed the past few years and narrowed down the best waters and techniques.

Although I live for the warm days of high summer when trout will rise freely to my rather scrappy homemade dries, the fly rod rarely leaves its tube in the first two months of the season so this article will concentrate on the lures, locations and methods that have served me well.

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2017 09 18 03With another change on the way I left for the river earlier than I normally would at this time of year, with 60-70 kph winds & rain forecast I thought it best to hit the river early. Once there I could see it was running higher than normal so I'm thinking I may be in for a tough time on the water today. This trip I'm using a brand new 5'6'' Daiwa Presso ULS spin rod coupled with a new Daiwa 16 crest reel spooled with 98 meters of 4 lb clear Kast King copolymer line and a new #00 gold Aglia.. I wanted to try the short rod out today as a test run for when I head back to some of the small tight streams at a later date. The first thirty minutes of fishing was fairly quiet before I had my first small brown in the net.

This little 240 gram brown was a real bright silver colour which was surprising given the water was a dark tannin colour. It may well have come out of a stocked farm dam that's spilling over and hasn't got a mesh grid on it. The next run there wasn't any signs of a fish, but the next one gave up two nice browns. All quiet again over the next twenty minutes before I was onto a nice size brown, a well conditioned 510 gram fish. After that fish the next couple of trout I saw just sat behind the spinner then turned and moved away. It was time to change to the gold/black F3 Rapala, a lure that has picked up a few fish lately.

That lure picked up one brown on the first take then lost the next three browns which made for another change of lure. It was on with the Daiwa Yoguri ghost brown, a lure that has produced a lot of hook ups in this river. It wasn't all that long before this little lure had it's first hook up, three casts later another brown took it. The wind had picked up and there were a few spots of rain hitting the water, the change isn't that far off now. I upped the pace of my fishing and bypassed several shallow runs to concentrate on the deeper ones. I caught another five browns on the little ghost brown before the wind started gusting all the more, it was time to call it quits for the morning. Twelve nice wild river browns in a two and a half hour session was more than I had expected when I first reached the river. It was a good decision to quit when I did, the rain set in as I headed for home and it hasn't stopped since, neither has the wind.

Adrian (meppstas)

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